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LightRooms 3 – Lens Corrections

After working for a few days with Adobe’s new Lightroom 3, I found a new feature called Lens Corrections. Adobe profiled a number of lenses from Cannon, Nikon and Sigma, and you have the option to profile your own as well. I would think that over time Adobe will release more and more profiles for common lenses.

LR 3 will read the metadata and if a profile is available for your lens then when you check the box for ‘Enable Profile Corrections” it will auto populate the Make, Model and Profile drop down boxes.

My most common used lens for landscape work is the Cannon 24-105 L IS lens, and lucky for me Adobe has profiled this lens. With this new tool I can fix a number of problems that this lens has quickly and easily.

Lens Corrections allows you to correct geometric distortion that causes parallel lines to bow inward or outward, vignetting on the edges of an image, and chromatic aberration that gives blue and red color fringes. As I’ve stated to play around with this new feature I find the auto setting to work amazingly well. However, if you find the auto setting are not your liking there are sliders to adjust the amount of ‘Distortion, Chromatic aberration, and Vignetting’.

I’ve posted a before and after photo from San Francisco, though on a small scale on the web its hard to see all the detail. I encourage all of your to try it for your self.

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