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Three days with Lightroom 3

As most of you know may know by now, Adobe’s Photoshop Lightroom three came out this week. I’ve just gotten back a 10 day photo shoot in Yellowstone and the Grand Teton National Parks. I thought this would be a great chance to test out the new version of LR and see how it performs.

The upgrade (just like LR 2) is rather simple and straightforward. After you download LR 3 you run the installer and it installs a new version of Lightroom. This can be handy if you ever need to go back into LR 2. After the installer is finished and you start LR 3 it prompts you to upgrade your catalog, I should note that once this is done there is no way of opening it again in LR 2. For this reason I did a full backup to an external hard drive before letting LR 3 upgrade my catalog. The upgrade took about 45 min, I have a rather large catalog of almost 80,000 photos, I assume if you have smaller catalog it would be much faster.

After updating the catalog I imported my photos from my must recent trip, about 2,700 photos in all and started the sorting and developing process. I must say that after three days of working with LR 3 it feels must faster. There is less of the annoying lag time that I used to get when working in LR 2.The new rendering engine seems to be doing a much better job handing noise and sharping.

I won’t go though every feature of LR 3, that’s been done to death. From a users point of view the new features seem to work well, the overall experience feels faster, and the photos are looking better then ever. I’m working on a post dedicated to the new ‘Lens Corrections’ feature for later in the week. For the $100 dollar upgrade fee I’d say its a wonderful value.

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